Moments in Time

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls in the Spring

Sometimes it feels as if we’re standing still
and time is passing us by.
It seems as if we never get done;
as we reflect, we wonder, “Why?

Everyone’s in their own little world,
rushing from day to day.
We never take time to sit and relax,
or smell the roses along the way.

We have family and friends that are very dear,
that we really should take time for.
We don’t realize just how much we’ve missed them
till we get together once more.

It’s always so good to see everyone
and talk about time gone by.
Then off we go to our own little world,
and think of them with a sigh.

We say when part, “Let’s do it again!”
And we make a promise we will.
But it seems as if time passes us by,
and we are just standing still.

Copyright ©2002 Jeannie Nourse

“Moments in Time”

This poem is one of my favorites. It was written after a 50th birthday party for my cousins, Janet and Janice. I spent time with family and friends who live nearby, yet we had not seen each other for quite some time. As we laughed and reminisced, these words came to me. I went home, put it on paper and mailed it to all of my family and friends. Although some of them did not attend the get together, they enjoyed the poem very much. Still, our busy lives continue. I dedicate this poem to my grandparents, Robert and Annie Morris, my parents, other family, and of course the guests of honor at the birthday party, Janet (Woodcock) Smith and Janice (Woodcock) Noblett.

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